Assembling the 54mm Multi Bay

Badass Multi Bay 54mm x 7 Placement Legend
Badass Multi Bay 54mm x 6 Placement Legend

Install Altimeter Hardware

Choose what altimeter layout you prefer with the map above and install the associated hardware on the altimeter plate.


For the #4-40 standoffs, be sure to make a tight connection with the provided K-Lock Nuts. 

For the M2 standoffs, screw them into the proper holes. Or, alternatively, use a soldering iron and press them into the proper holes. You can use Locktight or thin CA to keep them in place if you desire. 

Install Switches 

Use the four(4) M3 screws to secure the switches and switch guide to the battery plate. The screws will pop into place on the battery plate as designed. 

Combine Sled 

Bring together the altimeter plate and battery plate with the long #4-40 screws provided. 

Use the small M3 screws to secure the battery bracket to the battery plate 

Drill Bulkheads 

The supplied bulkhead drill guide should be used to mark and drill the AV bulkheads prior to proceeding to the next step

Install Terminal Blocks  

Using the guide above for reference, use the M2.5 hardware to secure the terminal blocks on both bulk heads.  

You will rout your wire leads/jst connectors through the 4mm holes as reference above and secure them on one side of the terminal block.


Then use some hot glue to fill in the gap remaining in the hole where the wires came from. (This step is not shown)

Install Charge Wells   

Using the guide above for reference, use the M2 hardware to secure the charge wells  on both bulk heads.  

Install Eye Bolt

Using the guide above for reference, use the M5 hardware to secure the eye bolt on both bulk heads.  

Secure Bulkhead to Rods

Use the #8 hardware to secure one bulkhead to the provided threaded rods. Do this for only one side of the rods.


Then slide our complete altimeter sled onto the rods and secure it in place with the other two #8 hex nuts.


The provided wing nuts secure the other bulkhead to the completed bay.