*This is only needed if you bought your BT60 multibay from Mach1 directly. The BT60 bay sold on Badass Rocketry includes most of these upgrades.*


This upgrade package helps you with building your Mach1 Badass BT60 Multibay. It makes your bay even wiser to use. It includes: 


  • 10 Charge covers to hold up to 1g (the current charge well holds .7g with a match).
  • A tool to help you install the 2M hardware in the charge well
  • Two terminals and hardware
  • Drill guide for where to drill the hole for the terminal
  • Wires for the terminals
  • Zip ties
  • Drill guide for the vent holes and rivets


Additionally, you can buy the charge covers separately. 

Mach1 Badass Multibay Upgrade Package